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A new report from Samsung describes life in 100 years from now. There are many tall skyscrapers, underwater 'bubble' cities, and holidays in space. Experts on space and architecture, and city planners gave their ideas on life in 2116. They said the way we live, work and play will be totally different from today. They said that 25 years ago, people could not imagine how the Internet would change our lives. The Internet has revolutionised the way we communicate and learn. The experts said the changes in the next century would be even more unbelievable.

Researchers asked people for their predictions about the future. They predicted that people will work from home and have virtual work meetings. People will have 3D printers that will let you download a design for furniture or a food recipe and then 'print' the sofa or pizza at home. There will also be less need for doctors. Our home health capsule will tell us what the problem is and give us treatment. We will also go into space for holidays and get resources that we have used up on Earth. One prediction that was missing was whether people would need to study English.

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