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There is a doctor's job in the small New Zealand town of Tokoroa that no one wants. The job pays US$265,000 a year. There is no night work, no weekend work, and house prices in the area are low. The job is for just four days a week and has 12 weeks' annual holiday. The town's current doctor Alan Kenny is leaving. He has been looking for a replacement for two years but has had no success. Four medical companies also failed to find a replacement. Dr Kenny thinks the reason is because the job is in the countryside and everyone wants to live and work in the city.

It is not only New Zealand that has problems getting doctors to live in rural areas. It is a problem in other countries too. Last year, Dr Kenny cancelled a family holiday because he could not find a doctor to replace him. Dr Kenny has been a doctor in Tokoroa for 30 years. He said he wouldn't swap his lifestyle for city life. He is 61 and wants to retire. He needs to give his patients to a younger doctor. He told a newspaper that his job keeps him busy and that he loves his work. He said: "I would like to stay but I hit my head against a brick wall trying to attract doctors."

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