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Google Kenya says it will not remove a video from YouTube. Kenya asked Google to take the video offline because it showed gay couples, gay Kenyan public figures, and scenes of what it is like to be gay in Kenya. It was made by a band called Art Attack. It sings the song 'Same Love'. Kenya's government says the video is bad for society. It says homosexuality is "unnatural". Kenyan homosexuals can be put in prison for up to 14 years.

The video is now very popular. It has been seen 140,000 times. The video shows images of anti-gay protests, and two women kissing. A government spokesman said: "We have written to Google to remove the video…We expect they will do it within one week." Google said it reviews government removal requests when it receives them, "through the correct legal processes" and in keeping with its, "philosophy on…freedom of expression".

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