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Donald Trump as US president is one of the top ten risks in the world. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) warned that he could create global economic and political tensions and insecurity. The EIU says Mr Trump is as risky as, "the rising threat of jihadi terrorism". He is thought to be risky because his plans are not clear. The EIU said: "Thus far, Mr Trump has given very few details of his policies, and these tend to be prone to constant revision."

The EIU rated Mr Trump as being riskier than the U.K. leaving the E.U. He was seen as less dangerous than a Chinese economic slowdown. People are worried by Trump's speeches. His actions could cause a trade war. He has called for a "big, big wall" to be built on the US-Mexican border to keep out "illegal immigrants" and "drug dealers". He wants Mexico to pay for it. He also wants a temporary ban on Muslims entering the USA.

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