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An ancient mummy that was found in Mongolia has gone viral online because it seems to be wearing Adidas boots. Many people have been tweeting that the mummy is proof that time travel exists. The mummy was discovered in the Altai Mountains in a remote part of western Mongolia. Researchers say it is around 1,500 years old. The mummy’s boots look very similar to a pair of snowboarding boots made by the sportswear company Adidas. The mummy's boots have the same three stripes that Adidas is famous for putting on all its footwear. A picture of the boots has gone viral and people are saying the mummy is actually a modern human who travelled back in time.

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The mummy's grave was first found in 2010 by local farmers. Last October, archaeologists started digging deeper as they thought the site contained many important things. Earlier this month, the archaeologists found horse's saddles, clay vases, wooden bowls, and metal kettles. The archaeologists said the site was the first complete Turkic burial ground found in Central Asia. The first Turkic people started living in a region between Central Asia and Siberia around 2,600 years ago. They had their own language, including a unique alphabet. Wolves and the colour blue were very important in their culture. Some historians say the word 'turquoise' comes from the word 'Turkish'.



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