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Elon Musk has opened a kind of gym for robots, called OpenAI Gym. Mr Musk is the boss of the companies Tesla Motors and SpaceX. He also founded the online payments website PayPal. OpenAI Gym is a free platform for code writers to test their work on artificial intelligence. They can also share their algorithms. These are rules in a computer program that can solve problems and deal with lots of information.

Mr Musk wrote about why OpenAI Gym is free. He said: "Our goal is to advance digital intelligence in the way that is most likely to benefit humanity as a whole." It follows the idea of rewards for learning – like giving a dog a treat when it learns something new. If an algorithm does well in the gym, it gets a reward. If it fails, it doesn't. Musk wants to develop algorithms that can multi-task; to do many things at the same time, rather than just one thing.

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