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A 72-year-old woman from Amritsar, India is celebrating the [born / birth] of her first child. Daljinder Kaur and her husband Mohinder Singh Gill, 79, [posed / posted] for photos for the Indian [pressed / press] last week, [proud / proudly] holding their healthy baby boy Arman. The couple had been trying to have a baby for [decade / decades] , without success. They had been under a lot [of / for] pressure [during / while] that time to start a family. While most people would have accepted their [fate / fete] and resigned themselves to a life without children, Daljinder and Mohinder [persisted / consisted] in their dream for a child. Daljinder started attending the National Fertility and Test Tube Baby Centre for IVF treatment in 2013 and successfully became [pregnant / pregnancy] last year.

Specialists at the [fertility / fertile] clinic initially had reservations about offering Daljinder treatment because of her [old / age] . Dr Anurag Bishnoi told reporters: "I first tried to [evade / avoid] the case because she was very weak, but then her medical reports were [normally / normal] and she was fit to [concept / conceive] ." He added: "Our [trick / track] record handling IVF in older women has been fairly good, but not everyone is fit to conceive. In her [case / suit] , she looked visibly frail too, so I had to refer her to a [cardiology / cardiologist] to get clearance for the procedure and for a battery of other tests." Meanwhile, Daljinder is over the [moon / sun] about becoming a mother. She said: "I can live happily now. My life is complete." She is now the oldest woman ever to give [birth / born] .

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