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The words
On Friday, U.S. President Barack Obama will become the first American president to visit the Japanese city [of / in] Hiroshima. The visit is a huge [event / eventuality] for both the USA and Japan. Hiroshima is the first city in the world [for / to] suffer from atomic weapons. The bomb that U.S. forces dropped on [a / the] city in August of 1945 killed an [estimation / estimated] 140,000 in that year. Many historians say it helped [bring / brought] an end to the Second World War. Others say it should [ever / never] have happened. President Obama said his visit is to [focus / focal] on the future. An advisor to the president said Mr Obama would not [apologies / apologise] for the bombing. The advisor said Obama, "will offer a forward-looking vision" that focuses on the [shares / shared] future of the USA and Japan.

Barack Obama [hinted / tinted] in 2009 that he would one day [like / liken] to visit Hiroshima. His trip to the city has got many people in Japan and the USA talking about the bombs [what / that] fell on Hiroshima, and later Nagasaki, which [killed / killing] so many people. Mr Obama said his visit would be a [time / timely] to think about how horrible war is and to remember the terrible loss of life. He said he hoped his time in Hiroshima would [remember / remind] people that war causes [unnecessary / unnecessarily] death and that nuclear weapons should never be used again. He said: "[Partly / Part] of my goal is to recognise that innocent people caught in war can suffer [tremendously / tremendous] ." He added: "And that's not just the thing of the past. That is [happening / happened] today in many parts of the world."

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