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A British businessman has developed a [produce / product] that helps people test drinks they think might have been drugged, or 'spiked'. This [happens / happened] if one person [slips / slaps] drugs into the glass of another person. The drinker then loses self-control and is often the [victims / victim] of rape, sexual assault or [theft / thieve] . The new product is called Test Your Drink and was invented [by / from] entrepreneur Gary Bates. It is a small [bit / kit] that contains six sheets of test paper that you can dip into your drink to test [for / as] drugs that are [commonly / common] used to spike drinks, like Ketamine and GHB. Both these substances are also known as 'date rape drugs' as they put the drinker into a deep, unconscious state and [distrust / disrupt] their memories.

Drink spiking is a [growth / growing] problem across the world and is a lot more [commonly / common] than many people think. It is a particular concern for young women, although up to 20 per cent [by / of] victims are men. Studies in the UK, USA and Australia [show / shown] that between 10 and 25 per cent of female college students have been bought a drink that was spiked [or / nor] had a drink that someone spiked. Mr Bates had advice for anyone [concerned / cornered] about these [predatory / preparatory] drugs. He said: "Our message is, 'Don't leave your drinks [attended / unattended] '. If you are worried that something might have [happening / happened] , the Test Your Drink kit will give you peace of [mind / mined] ." The product will soon be available to purchase at a price of approximately $1.65 per pack.

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