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The words
Police in the US [state / states] of Ohio are going to look into the [shot / shooting] of a 17-year-old gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo. They will investigate the [facts / factual] around the killing of Harambe the gorilla after a four-year-old boy [fallen / fell] into the ape's enclosure on Saturday. Video [footing / footage] showed the gorilla [drugging / dragging] the boy through shallow water in his cage for [up / down] to ten minutes. Some people who were at the zoo said they were worried about the little boy's [safe / safety] . Other people said the gorilla was trying to [protect / protection] the child and that the animal was becoming upset by the noise from the crowds of people looking at the event. Zookeepers made a decision to shoot the gorilla because they [feared / fearing] for the boy's life.

Animal rights groups are very [angrily / angry] that the gorilla was shot and killed. They say zookeepers should have [used / using] a tranquilizer gun on the animal to [put / pet] it to sleep. Zookeepers say it would have [took / taken] too long for the 200kg gorilla to be [sedated / sedative] . They say this would have been too [dangerous / danger] . There is now an online petition that 300,000 people have [signed / singed] to hold the boy's mother and the zoo accountable for Harambe's death. Many people say the mother should have [looked / looking] after her son better to stop him from falling into the gorilla's area. The mother said no parent [on / in] the world can watch their children every second. She said: "As a society, we are quick to judge how a parent could take their eyes [on / off] their child."

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