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The words
Police in Sudan have arrested one of the world's [must / most] wanted people smugglers. The smuggler is Mered Medhanie, 35, from the East African country [of / from] Eritrea. He has the nickname [for / of] 'The General' because of the way he plans and carries [out / in] people smuggling. Police say Mered's actions [resulted / resulting] in the deaths of hundreds of migrants – people trying to [leaving / leave] Africa to go to Europe to try to find a better life. At least 359 migrants [dead / died] when their boat [sink / sank] near Lampedusa in the Mediterranean Sea in 2013. The Sudanese police found Mered in a secret [hideout / hiding] in the capital Khartoum. They worked [closely / close] with Britain's National Crime Agency (NCA) and British intelligence services.

Sudan will give Mered to the police in Italy, where he could [reach / get] a long prison [sentence / paragraph] . Detectives say he controlled a [hug / huge] organisation that smuggled thousands of migrants [for / from] Africa and the Middle East across the Mediterranean to Europe. He [changed / charged] people up to $5,500 each to make the high-risk [journey / journeyed] in dangerous boats. He became very rich from [this / his] activities. The NCA said Mered was a high-level human trafficker and that he did not care about [people's / people] lives. An NCA spokesperson said: "Medhanie is a prolific people smuggler and [has / have] absolute disregard for human life." Italian police said Mered's plan was to make a huge [amount / amounts] of money and then move to Sweden, where his wife lives.

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