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The words
The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has [advice / advised] its citizens not to wear the country's [traditional / tradition] clothes when travelling overseas. This was [after / following] an Emirati businessman was mistaken for a member of ISIS in a hotel in the [states / state] of Ohio, USA. The businessman, Ahmad Al Menhali, 41, from Abu Dhabi, was [doing / making] a phone call in the lobby of a hotel. The hotel receptionist called the police [because / however] he was wearing the traditional white kandoura (Arab robe) and headdress, and he was [spoken / speaking] Arabic, so she [thought / thinks] he might be a terrorist. Police armed with assault rifles wrestled a terrified Mr Al Menhali to the floor. He [needy / needed] hospital treatment after the [incident / incidence] . He was shocked at how "brutal" the police were.

The police and the hotel have [apologised / apologies] for the incident. The UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised Emiratis to [evade / avoid] wearing the country's national [dress / dressed] when travelling abroad. It said citizens had to think [for / about] their safety outside of the UAE. Mr Al Menhali reportedly [blamed / blaming] Donald Trump, for making people hate Muslims. The Council on American Islamic Relations said it was [worried / worrying] about what happened to Al Menhali. It said: "The [fact / factual] that the police referred [too / to] his clothing in their report as a criminal [sign] is very concerning." It added: "Police [needy / need] more diversity training. This is shocking". Mr Al Menhali said: "I always wear my traditional clothes during [whole / all] my travels and never encountered such a thing".

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