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The new British Prime Minister Theresa May has caused a [stair / stir] around the world with her [appointed / appointment] of the UK's new Foreign Secretary. She has chosen the [controversy / controversial] former Mayor of London Boris Johnson. Mr Johnson [led / leaded] the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union and has now [being / been] given the job of Britain's top diplomat. This has surprised [much / many] as Mr Johnson has a track [recording / record] of being very undiplomatic to world leaders and countries. He once [referred / reflected] to Hillary Clinton as a "sadistic nurse in a mental hospital". He [comparison / compared] Russian President Vladimir Putin to a creature from Harry Potter. He also made racist comments about African countries and the [nation / national] of Papua New Guinea.

The British newspaper 'The Independent' said Mrs May, "had [manager / managed] to [unite / untie] the international community [in / on] bewilderment by her appointment of Boris Johnson [has / as] Foreign Secretary". France's foreign secretary said Mr Johnson had lied [for / to] the British people during his campaign [to / for] get Britain to leave the EU. TV presenters and journalists in Germany speculated [which / whether] British politics was becoming a [farcical / forceps] comedy show. The Washington Post asked how Mr Johnson could become Britain’s top diplomat after [had / having] offended much of the world. Mr Johnson shrugged off comments that he was not the person for the job. He said his [task / tusk] was to reshape Britain's identity as a "great global player".

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