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The Turkish government is [increasing / increased] its efforts to detain those it deems responsible for the weekend's [failed / foiled] coup attempt. It has arrested around 6,000 members of the judiciary and military, [inclusive / including] top judges and senior-ranking generals. It has also [suspending / suspended] nearly 8,000 police officers suspected of having links [to / of] the coup attempt. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to [purge / splurge] all government institutions of what he calls the "virus" that caused the [surprising / uprising] . The president is taking a very hard [line / lane] with all those suspected of wrongdoing and has announced [that / what] Turkey would consider reinstating the death penalty. This would hurt Turkey's [effects / efforts] to join the European Union.

Turkey's Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag announced that: "There are [currency / currently] around 6,000 detentions. It will [surpass / suppress] 6,000. The legal process on these will continue." He added that: "Suspects are [been / being] charged with membership of an [armed / elbowed] terrorist organisation and of attempting to [overthrowing / overthrow] the government of the Turkish Republic using [force / farce] and violence, or of attempting to completely or partially [minder / hinder] its function." At least 290 people were killed and thousands [wound / wounded] in the coup attempt. President Erdogan addressed the country via mobile telephone, urging people to "take to the [streets / motorways] " to defeat the coup and to reclaim democracy. Forces [loyally / loyal] to the president soon retook control of the country.

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