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The words
New research shows that office workers and [others / other] people who sit down a lot must exercise for one hour [a / the] day. If they do this, they will increase their [changes / chances] of living longer. Doctors have been telling us for a [long / length] time that sitting down all day will [shorter / shorten] our life. Researchers now say that sitting in a chair all day is as dangerous to our health [has / as] smoking or being overweight. Research on over one million adults found that sitting for [at / that] least eight hours a day could increase the [risky / risk] of dying early by up to 60 per cent. However, there is good news for [those / them] who sit at a desk all day. An hour's "brisk exercise" each day can cancel out the risk of an early death linked [at / to] sitting all day.

The research was published in time for people to read [ahead / before] the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Researchers hope this will [encourage / encouraging] people to exercise more. They say that [being / been] inactive increases the risk of [getting / get] heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Watching TV all day is one of the worst things we can do [has / as] that also means we get [not / no] exercise and are likely to eat unhealthy snacks. One researcher said office workers should find opportunities to get out of [their / there] seat more often. Professor Ulf Eklund [advice / advised] people to: "[Take / Do] a five-minute break every hour, go to the next office, go upstairs to the coffee machine, go to the printer." He added: "Build physical activity into your everyday [life / live] ."

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