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   because      belief      dangers      dark      deaths      doubt      health      ingredients      largely      less      medication      necessarily      pharmacist      pills      problem      really      report      safety      serious      transplants  
Millions of people take dietary supplements in the that they boost . New research casts on these pills and tablets. The American organisation Consumer Reports (CR) found health risks from vitamins, probiotics, and weight loss . CR said the biggest is that supplements are unregulated. Medicinal drugs have to be tested for and effectiveness, but supplements need much government approval. This means consumers are in the regarding the ingredients of the supplements and how the body reacts to them.

Lisa Gill from CR said the showed the of supplements. She said they could cause liver and kidney failure, kidney , and heart problems. Gill added: "Just it's not prescription, you say, 'oh, it's safe,' but that's not true." She urged people to avoid 15 in supplements, including red yeast and caffeine powder. She warned: "There have been associated with each of these." She told people to see a doctor or before taking supplements. She said: "Treat it like a ….It's about your health."

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