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The words
The worldwide banking [companion / company] Goldman Sachs has taken a [broken / break] from guessing what will happen to the world's economy. Economists from the company have put their heads [apart / together] and made predictions about how many medals [different / difference] countries will win at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Their predictions contain no [real / really] surprises. Most people could [prediction / predict] that the USA and China will win the most medals. Perhaps a [slight / slightly] surprise is that Goldman Sachs is predicting Great Britain will finish third, [was / as] they did in the 2012 London Olympics. The economists predicted 23 gold medals for Team GB and 59 medals [in / on] total. They also predict that the world's second most populous country, India, will win just [one / once] gold medal.

There is good news for [hosted / host] nation Brazil. The country that hosts the Olympics usually gets 50 per cent more golds than [usually / usual] , and 20 per cent more medals in [totally / total] . Goldman Sachs predicts that Brazil will get a record 22 medals, [including / inclusive] five golds. This would be Brazil's best [ever / every] performance in an Olympic games. The economists [also / alas] predicted the Olympics would [beneficial / benefit] Brazil's economy. They said: "As the country welcomes thousands of athletes and visitors and [cheering / cheers] the local favorites, it silently hopes [what / that] the soaring Olympic spirit will also help lift the spirits of the Brazilian economy." The 2016 Rio Olympics, Brazil-style, is sure to be one [of / for] the best ever.

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