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   better      considerably      differences      each      effort      embracing      events      fight      fingers      foes      frosty      least      person      recordings      sense      something      surprised      time      times      warmth  
A study shows that sports men are than sports women at making up after a . The research, from Harvard University, looked at the between how both sexes made up with other after same-sex sporting . Research leader, professor Joyce Benenson, concluded that men put more into making up with their male sporting than women did with their female opponents. The researchers analysed of four sports involving men and women from 44 countries. Men spent more time shaking hands and physically .

Professor Benenson was , especially at how women spent so little making up with rivals. She said: "What you'll see is that many , females brush their against each other….You're expected by the sport to do but [with women] it's so ." In great contrast, Benenson observed that: "With the males, even with a handshake, you can see the ." She added: "I expected this would be the strong in boxing because you try to kill the other , but it's the strongest in this sport. There really is this of love for your opponent."

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