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  • Type the correct word in the boxes from the pairs of words [in brackets].
  • Click the button at the bottom to check your answers.
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Maybe kids playing online video games is not such a bad thing [before / after] all. A new study shows that teenagers who [regular / regularly] played games online improved their test scores at school. However, the same study found that social media [use / using] was damaging to exam results. The study was conducted [to / by] professor Alberto Posso at Australia's RMIT University. Researchers analysed data [in / on] the online activities of [more / over] than 12,000 15-year-olds across [the / a] globe. It looked at their maths, reading and science scores. Professor Posso [conclusion / concluded] that: "It is possible that a number of skills associated [on / with] online gaming correlate positively with general [knowledge / knowing] and skills tests in maths, reading, and science."

Critics of the study [suggestive / suggest] the findings may not be [relevant / relevance] today as the games are now outdated. Education [expert / expertise] Nicola Johnson said: "I think technology practices move [such / so] quickly, even within a year….While this study should [make / do] headlines, you have to say it's not really a reflection of [currant / current] practice." However, she did admit that children could learn [use / useful] skills while gaming. She said: "Many games involve a lot of strategising, problem solving, goal [set / setting] and regular practice in order to obtain more skills. That kind of mindset would of course [seemingly / seeming] correspond with achievement and learning." [Conversely / Converse] , the study found that students who used social media a lot scored 20 points lower on maths tests.

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