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It's official – July was the hottest month [in / on] Earth since scientists started recording the planet's temperatures. Data from America's National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) [reveals / reveal] that last month, the Earth [hit / pounded] its hottest temperatures since records began 136 years ago. NASA spokesman Gavin Schmidt tweeted: "July 2016 was [absolute / absolutely] the hottest month since [an / the] instrumental records began." It beat the [previous / previously] hottest July in 2011 [by / with] 0.11 degrees Celsius, which scientists say is [the / a] substantial amount. According to NASA, July was the tenth [row / straight] month of record-breaking temperatures. It looks like the year 2016 might now become the hottest year [on / in] record.

The science website gizmodo.com stated that July could be the hottest month since prehistoric [time / times] . It said: "In all [liking / likelihood] , it was the hottest month since the last interglacial [periodical / period] ended 125,000 years ago." Meteorology [expert / expertise] professor Jason Furtado said: "It's a little [alarmed / alarming] to me that we're going through these records like nothing [last / this] year." The news organization Climate Central reported that the record temperatures of the past few years have been caused [from / by] the burning of fossil fuels and the [occurs / occurrence] of the El Niño weather phenomenon. However, Australian politician Malcolm Roberts recently [rubbished / rubbishes] climate change as a [complacency / conspiracy] theory and accused NASA of corrupting climate change data.

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