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We have a good idea of what people wore 5,000 years ago. Scientists studied material from the body of a man who died 5,300 years ago. His body was frozen under ice, but archaeologists found him in 1991. They called him Otzi. Scientists studied the material and his weapons and accessories to get an idea of how early humans lived. They even have an idea of how Otzi sounded. Otzi gave "valuable information" about how humans used animals.

Otzi's clothes were from different animals. His leggings were goat leather; his hat was bear fur; and his leather coat was from four different kinds of animals. His shoes were made from grass. Otzi had 61 tattoos. These were to make pain go away, not for beauty. He had problems with his heart and with his teeth. Otzi was 45 when he died. This was old for a man 5,000 years ago. Someone killed him with an arrow, which hit him in the head.

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