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The words
Colombians are celebrating as peace has [finally / firstly] come to Colombia. Colombia's government [singed / signed] a peace deal with the rebel group FARC. The deal ends 52 years [for / of] fighting, during which 220,000 people died and millions had to [leave / leaving] their homes. The deal comes after two years of talks [among / between] the two sides. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos called the deal, "the beginning of the end to the [suffer / suffering] , pain and [tragedy / tragic] of war". A spokesman for the Colombian government said: "The war is over but also there is a [new / newly] beginning. This agreement opens the door to a more [includes / inclusive] society." Both sides will now work together for justice for the victims of the conflict and to build a stable and [lasting / last] peace.

FARC is the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. It was [farmed / formed] during the Cold War to fight for farmers and [workings / workers] . It started its fight against the Colombian government in 1964. It will now take part in the [legally / legal] and political process to [shape / sharp] Colombia's future. In Bogota, the [capital / capitals] city, thousands of people [come / came] out to celebrate the news of the peace deal. One Colombian, Orlando Guevara, 57, told the Associated Press news agency: "I can [dead / die] in peace [because / so] finally I'll see my country without violence, with a future for my children." The next [stair / step] is for the Colombian people to vote on the peace deal on the 2nd of October. President Santos said: "It will be the most [important / importance] election of our lives."

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