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The words
What is school for? This may seem an easy question [for / to] answer, but a poll taken in the USA shows people have different [opinion / opinions] on why kids go to school. The [poll / pool] is called the 'Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools'. It is from a [global / globally] association of education professionals called PDK International. PDK asked Americans to [name / naming] the biggest purpose of school. Just 45 per cent of people who took [party / part] in the poll said the [mine / main] goal of school was to prepare students to pass [exam / exams] . Around a quarter of people said the main purpose was to get kids [already / ready] to join the workforce. Just over 26 per cent of Americans believed the biggest reason for school was to teach children about [citizenship / ships] .

Joshua Starr, CEO of PDK, said the poll [questioner / questioned] whether today's schools were doing the [right / write] thing. He said: "One has to really question [weather / whether] the direction we've [been / being] going is consistent with what the [public / publicly] wants." He quoted from author James Baldwin, who said in 1963 that the purpose of school is "to ask questions of the [universal / universe] and learn to live with those questions." Students had different [ideas / idea] about what school was for. Elena Brankov, 15, said school was to teach children to be [creative / creation] , to share ideas with others and to use technology to [do / make] the world a better place. Lyndon Bailey, also 15, said school, "is just to make poor kids [onto / into] robots who work and make rich people richer".

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