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There is a fresh but [tentative / tentatively] hope for a cessation of hostilities in Syria. The United States, Russia and Syria have [signed / singed] an agreement to collectively target the group known [was / as] ISIS. Their joint declaration will come into effect on Monday. There is [mixed / mixture] reaction around the world to the latest initiative [dew / due] to the failures of previous attempts [on / at] halting the fighting over the past few years. Even with the new 10-day truce [been / being] literally hours away, the bombs continued to [rain / reign] down in areas around the capital Damascus. Syrian government air strikes on ISIS-held areas [reportedly / reporters] killed at least 82 people [past / over] the weekend. At least 45 people died in strikes on Aleppo.

Most of the [majority / major] players in the Syrian conflict [responsive / responded] positively to the new ceasefire, [spite / despite] the strained relations between Russia and the USA. An American official said: "This [remains / still] …the most promising way that we see in front of us to try to get this terrible situation [on / to] a better place." US Secretary of State John Kerry said: "It is an opportunity and not [much / more] than that until it becomes a [reality / real] ." Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the US and Russia had agreed on zones [in / on] which joint "strikes against terrorists" would be [conducted / conducive] . Turkey and the European Union welcomed it but warned that further action was needed. There has been [not / no] official reaction from Iran.

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