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It is common knowledge and an [obvious / obviously] example of sexual [inequality / inequity] that men get paid more than women for doing the same job. One industry in which the [reversing / reverse] is true [be / is] modeling. The gender pay [gape / gap] for male models and their female counterparts is gigantic. A well-known modeling agency has [claimed / clammed] that male models are paid as much as 75 per cent less than female models. Elizabeth Rose from the UK's Premier Models said women could be paid £40,000 ($52,000) [for / as] appearing in a top fashion show, [which / while] men could only get £10,000 ($13,000). Ms Rose said: "I think it's [the / an] only industry where men get paid less than women. It's unfair for men, but I wouldn't say it's [lady / female] empowerment."

Rose says the situation is slowly [changing / charging] and pay is getting better for men. She explained that advertisers are more willing [to / for] promote men's products as men are getting more [onto / into] fashion. She said: "More and more, male models are being [useful / used] for grooming products. Men are taking a lot more [careful / care] of themselves. Generally, in the 2000s, it's [finely / fine] to take a long time doing your hair. It's fine for men to use moisturizer and wear make-up." One [constellation / consolation] for men is that they are able to work [as / be] a model for longer than women. Rose said: "Men have a longer career [path / lane] , definitely. The male models that make the most are probably in their 30s." Female models [trend / tend] to make their money in their twenties.

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