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The words
India and Pakistan do not have very good [relation / relations] at the moment. The two countries have [argument / argued] for many years over where the borders should [been / be] in Kashmir. There is also the [possibility / possible] that India could limit the amount [for / of] water Pakistan gets from the Indus River. The latest disagreement is [over / under] movies and actors. Pakistan's major cinemas [have / has] banned Indian movies in Pakistan's biggest cities - Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. The cinema owners say the ban is to [show / showing] support for Pakistani soldiers who are risking their lives in Kashmir. The ban comes after a group [of / to] Indian moviemakers banned Pakistani actors from [working / worked] in India's famous Bollywood movie studios in Mumbai.

Bollywood movies are [extreme / extremely] popular in Pakistan. The country's cinema industry is [gone / going] to lose a lot of money [was / as] cinemagoers stay at home. A huge amount of Pakistan's cinema business [comes / come] from Bollywood. Pakistani actors may also suffer and [loss / lose] money. They will not make as much money [to / by] working in Pakistan's movie industry as they would in Bollywood. However, Pakistani actors said it was [time / times] for Pakistani actors to stop working in Bollywood. Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi said: "The time has come when Pakistani artists [must / mast] boycott Bollywood and Pakistani people must stop watching Indian content." Movie star Agha Ali [agreeing / agreed] with Abbasi, saying: "I think it should've been [done / doing] a long time ago."

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