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be report enable pay be criticze be earn support live
spend pay say call liken tweet run fix accuse make
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in trouble again following revelations about his tax returns. The New York Times said Mr Trump's 1995 tax returns showed he over $900 million in business losses. This has him to not nearly a billion dollars in income tax over the past 19 years. The Times suggests Trump is hypocritical, as he has constantly the tax system for unfair. The Times wrote: "Trump is right when he says the system is rigged. What he doesn't say is that it's rigged in his favor and in the favor of people like him, and against regular people - those of us who money, pay income tax on it, and financially the country in which we ."

Mr Trump has years on social media attacking high-profile people for not enough tax. He attacked President Obama for paying a "paltry" tax rate of 20.5 per cent. Former New York mayor and Trump campaign advisor Rudy Giuliani Mr Trump had done nothing illegal and him a "genius" for not paying tax and turning around his loss-making business. He Trump to Winston Churchill, Britain's leader during World War II. Mr Trump : "I know our complex tax laws better than anyone who has ever for president and am the only one who can them." When Hillary Clinton Mr Trump of not paying taxes, he replied: "That me smart."

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