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Samsung, the South Korean tech [giant / monster] , has warned [onus / owners] of the Galaxy Note 7 to turn off their phone after more reports of the device [catching / caught] fire. The company will also stop shipping the flagship phone to stores. The device, launched in August, was [let / set] to rival Apple's iPhone. Samsung engineers must now [conduct / conduction] an investigation into what is causing [such / so] many phones to catch fire. Samsung had already been hit [following / followed] a recall of 2.5 million phones in September after many [bust / burst] into flames when their batteries exploded. This new [season / episode] further damages the company's credibility as many of the exploding phones are those that had batteries replaced in September and were [deemed / doomed] to be safe.

Industry [analysis / analysts] are now predicting how much the latest [troubled / trouble] will cost the company. South Korean media is reporting that the company could discontinue [production / producing] the phone. However, South Korea's finance minister Yoo Il-ho has [warned / waned] that the country's exports would be damaged if it did this. He said: "Right now we can't tell what the [imprint / impact] will be in the long term. It's [up / high] to the company and the government cannot interfere, but if they do [scrape / scrap] the model, it will have a negative impact [in / on] exports." The Korea Times said: "It is urgent that the company recover its [bland / brand] image and the only way to do this is to place quality and customer [satisfaction / satisfying] above anything else."

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