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The words
The president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte has [announcement / announced] his country will [move / movement] away from the USA and work more closely with China. President Duterte made the announcement in China's [capital / capitalise] Beijing. He was meeting with Chinese [leader / leaders] to talk about future [corporation / cooperation] between the Philippines and China. Mr Duterte also hinted he might work more [close / closely] with Russia. He said: "Maybe I will also go to Russia to talk to Putin and tell him that there are three of [them / us] against the [world / planet] - China, the Philippines and Russia." Duterte said he would end military and economic [agreements / agrees] with the USA. He told the USA: "Your stay in my country was for your own [beneficial / benefit] . So it is time to say goodbye, my friend."

President Duterte's announcement could change [much / many] things in the Asia-Pacific [region / regional] . It will mean China is stronger [in / on] the area and the USA is weaker. It is possible that Duterte may ask the USA to leave its [militia / military] bases in the Philippines. The loss of the Philippines [basis / bases] would be a big problem for the USA. A White House spokesman said: "If the Philippines are out…that starts to [rise / raise] questions about our whole approach to the region." This [break / beak] from the US comes after 65 years of [close / closely] partnership between the two countries. The Russian newspaper 'Russia Today' commented on the changing relations in the Asia-Pacific region. It wrote: "China has just turned a [farmer / former] rival into a regional [ally / all] ."

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