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The words
A new report from a British [market / bazaar] research company says there is a "[tidal / wave] of micro-crime" in the country. Researchers from the organisation YouGov said they were [shocked / shocking] by their findings. Matthew Smith, a data [analysis / analyst] at YouGov, said: "Looking around you, you probably wouldn't expect that [three / third] in every four people you see are hiding a criminal [past / passed] . Yet that's exactly what is [happens / happening] as new research…shows that as many as 74 per cent of British people are 'micro-criminals' – having [doing / done] at least one very minor or 'micro' crime." The most common crime confessed [to / of] by the British public is paying someone cash for services, knowing that the person will not [refund / pay] tax on it.

YouGov says that [men / man] and middle-class people were the most [liked / likely] to commit these micro crimes. Researchers say 77 per cent of men and 71 per cent of women [committed / committing] micro-crimes. About 80 per cent of middle-class people admitted [by / to] committing micro-crimes while the [numeral / figure] was closer to 70 per cent for working-class people. The second-most commonly committed crime was [illegal / illegally] downloading or streaming TV shows, movies [or / nor] music. Slightly [fewest / fewer] than 30 per cent of people said they had [doing / done] this. Other micro-crimes included not paying for plastic bags in supermarkets, lying about your age to get a better [deal / dealer] , and eating things in a supermarket without paying.

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