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The words
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has [introduced / introduction] a new law to get people to read more. The law [includes / including] a large number of measures [to / for] support the government's wish for a [upper / higher] literacy rate. Government employees will have paid time [during / while] working hours to read books. The law encourages private companies to [create / creative] libraries at their offices, factories and [another / other] workplaces. It will also encourage shopping centres to offer spaces to set [down / up] public libraries so people can read when they [go / going] shopping. These libraries will be easy to use for people with reading disabilities. Even coffee shops at shopping malls will have to offer books and other reading materials to [them / their] customers.

The UAE’s National Reading Law was [issued / issuing] by President Sheikh Khalifa. In May of this year, he launched the National Strategy for Reading, which [has / have] a 10-year goal to create a nation of "[avid / rabid] readers". It aims to [make / do] reading a lifelong habit for 50 per cent of the nation's adults and 80 per cent of school students. It also aims to [getting / get] students to read an average [of / for] at least 20 books a year. Hussain Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, said the new law is: "A [path / road] map for building a reading, civilised society [capability / capable] of change, and a world leader [in / on] development." Dr Tod Laursen, President of Khalifa University, said that in the age of the Internet, it was still important for books and libraries to have their place in [social / society] .

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