Gap Fill - Level 4


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   chemical      complete      complex      different      it      length      lot      lovers      method      more      numbers      rather      size      strange      taste      temperature      theory      this      way      what  
Mathematicians are trying to make the perfect cup of coffee. It might seem that mathematicians are trying to do , but coffee has 1,800 components. If you combine these with the ways of making coffee, there are a of . The mathematicians had to use many calculations to find the perfect . Researchers focused on happens to coffee as goes through coffee machines.

The research could change the coffee machines are made. A researcher said he wanted, "a mathematical model of coffee brewing that you could use to design coffee machines, like we use a …to design racing cars". Coffee might soon be able change the of the coffee as they filter and brew it. They could change the water , the of the ground coffee, the of time needed to make it, and .

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