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The residents of a town cut [in / off] by last week's New Zealand earthquake have received a [somewhat / something] unusual but welcome air delivery – enough fast food to feed [the / a] small army. The mercy mission to the town of Kaikoura was organized [by / at] a plasterer from the town of Nelson 130 kilometres [of / to] the north. Robert Coombes, 49, spent three days gathering donations from people and bought as much fast food as he [would / could] with the cash. He filled a friend's [light / heavy] aircraft with 400 pieces of Kentucky Fried Chicken, 300 McDonald's burgers, 50 Domino's pizzas, and [hundreds / hundred] of candies. His cargo of tasty [threats / treats] landed in Kaikoura in time for lunch on Friday. Kaikoura was the town worst hit by the [multitude / magnitude] 7.8 quake.

Mr Coombes [explained / explanation] to reporters that he wanted to "put a smile [on / in] people's faces, even if it's only for one day". He added: "There's necessities, but [with / without] kids, you need a bit more than bread and water. I just thought I'd fill the plane with junk food and bring a little bit of [happy / happiness] to the place…. It's just [being / been] a good human being." Coombes said the manager of KFC and McDonald's [support / supported] his idea and their [staff / stuff] started work two hours earlier to prepare the [good / goodies] . Main roads and rail links to Kaikoura have been [severed / served] by massive landslides. There have been well over 2,000 aftershocks since Monday and the government is [waning / warning] that there are likely to be more.

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