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The words
The USA has put [into / onto] space the world's most advanced and powerful weather satellite. Scientists say it will revolutionize [how / now] we predict the weather and how we [look / watch] at weather events. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said [its / that's] $1 billion Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES-R) will take weather photographs five times faster than [another / other] satellites, and with four times higher image [quantity / quality] . The NOAA said: "Without a [doubt / rout] , GOES-R will revolutionize weather forecasting as we know [it / them] ." A weather forecaster said the difference [in / on] the speed and quality of the satellite's images is like the difference [among / between] old black and white TV pictures and today's HD televisions.

The new satellite will give [us / they] powerful, real-time images and information. These will make [the / a] world a safer place. Airline pilots will receive better data to stay away [for / from] turbulence. The satellite will be able to zoom [in / up] on severe weather events to get much more detailed and [accuracy / accurate] pictures. This will help emergency services to [warn / warm] people more quickly and reduce the costs to human [live / life] and property. People will have better information [about / around] hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, volcanic ash clouds, and wildfires. A scientist at the NOAA said: "It will give the weather as it's looking now [prefer / rather] than the weather that happened 15 to 30 minutes ago." The NOAA said weather forecasters couldn't [wait / await] to use it.

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