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   age      anyone      area      different      event      favourite      guests      idea      interview      invitation      joke      make-up      migrants      neighbours      police      popular      post      surprised      time      winner  
A father in Mexico was when he put an to his daughter Rubi's 15th birthday party on Facebook. He thought it was for his family, friends and , but the went viral. Over 1.2 million people accepted his invitation. Crescencio Ibarra said he would not turn away who came to the party. Mr Ibarra said in a TV that he had no why his post became so . He said: "We wanted to invite the people from the , that's all." So many people might attend the party that there will also be a lot of there.

A 15th birthday is an important in a girl's life in Mexico. It is the when she comes of . The girl has a traditional party called a quinceañera. The party usually has lots of and the girl wears a beautiful dress, a tiara and . At Rubi's party, three bands will play music. There will be a horse race. The will get $490. There are many memes ( pictures) of Mr Ibarra's post on social media. Rubi's shows Donald Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto agreeing to let Mexican in the USA return to Mexico for her party.

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