Gap Fill - Level 1


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   children      clothes      company      country      fashion      free      government      happy      high      inflation      many      much      not      nothing      prices      prices      rich      sacred      shops      things  
Venezuela's took 4 million children's toys from a toy . It will give them to for or at low . The government says the company charged prices for the toys. Only people could buy them. Venezuela has one of the highest rates of in the world. Many people can't afford like toys. The monthly minimum salary does not buy much. Venezuela has also cut the price of .

The government tweeted: "Our children are ….Boys and girls of this will have a Christmas." The government said the toy company kept the toys out of the to increase prices. The government also said the company tried to sell the toys at higher prices. The company said it did wrong and was not trying to sell the toys at high . It said of the toys were in .

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