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A Syrian who could speak just a of English two years ago has passed his high school exams in Australia. Saad Al-Kaab, 19, graduated with marks from of Australia's biggest schools. His grades put him in the top 4 per cent of graduates in Melbourne. Saad escaped the war in Syria to start a new life. He said that it was "really " coming to Australia because he could not understand English. He added: "It makes me sad to think that I have friends…back in Syria who were as as me, but who didn't have the that I've had."

Saad tried to learn English from his in Australia. Then he started to watch a show on television. It was a broadcast of politicians quizzing their prime minister about different . He said the helped his English because: "They use the best, language in parliament. They speak slowly and you can find the ." He said it was very different to Syria's , where "all they do is clap". Saad is very . He said: "I just want to say thank you so to Australia for giving me the opportunity. It's revived me and given me a new life."

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