Gap Fill - Level 0


  • Choose the correct word from the drop-down menus below.
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   ago      Ancient      birth      dash      different      different      forwards      its      map      million      name      now      or      right      secrets      teeth      unusual      why      word      words  
Scientists know the of the seahorse. They worked out genetic . Scientists can now find out seahorses are so . They have no . Male seahorses carry babies and give to them. Seahorses do not swim or the left and . They swim vertically (up and down).

Seahorses got their shape 100 years . There are 54 seahorses. The scientific for a seahorse is Hippocampus. This comes from the Greek words hippos ('horse') and kampos ('sea monster'). We can write seahorse as two (sea horse), with a (sea-horse).

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