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Britain's Prince Harry has said he wants to make a [differential / difference] in the world. The 32-year-old royal, who is [fifth / five] in [line / lining] to the British throne, talked [exclusive / exclusively] to a documentary team from Britain's ITV television channel. In a very candid interview, the young prince spoke at length about his charity projects and the [effect / affect] the loss of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, had on him at an early [aged / age] . Harry [confessed / confused] that for a long time after his mother's death, he did not want to fulfill the [expects / expectations] of being a prince. His charity work helping [orphanage / orphans] in Lesotho and working with war veterans has given him a new perspective on life and on how he can use his position and [famous / fame] to do good.

Prince Harry told journalists that he did not always have such a [positively / positive] outlook on life. He said he used to "[bury / berry] his head in the sand," but now [views / view] life "very, very differently". He said: "I was fighting the system, [coming / going] , 'I don't want to be this [person / people] '." He explained that things have changed 180 [degree / degrees] , saying: "Now I'm just so fired [up / down] and energised to be lucky enough to be in a position to make a difference…to [make / do] something of my life." The prince said it was, "fun to be good and boring to be bad". He said: "Whether it's in your [local / locally] community, your village...walking down the street, opening a door for an old lady, helping her across the road. Whatever it [be / is] , just do good. Why wouldn't you?"

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