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The words
A new study from Harvard University shows that female doctors are [slight / slightly] better than their male colleagues, but get [paid / pay] less. Researchers looked at more than three million [medical / medically] records. Around half of these (1.5 million) were hospitalizations, and the other half were [for / four] readmissions (people who had to stay [on / in] hospital a second time). The percentage of hospital patients who [had / did] to return to hospital, or who died, was lower if the doctor [were / was] female. Mortality rates (the number of people who [died / dead] ) were 15.02 per cent and readmissions [rates / ratio] were 11.07 per cent for female doctors, compared with 15.57 per cent mortality and 11.49 per cent readmission rates for [patience / patients] of male doctors.

The researchers did not give a [reasoning / reason] why women provided better care to patients [after / than] men. However, researcher Dr. Ashish Jha did give a [figure / figurine] for the number of lives that could be [save / saved] in the USA if male doctors performed as [well / good] as female doctors. Dr Jha said: "We estimate that approximately 32,000 fewer patients would [death / die] if male physicians could achieve the same results [has / as] female physicians every year." He also said that it was [wrong / wrongly] that men got paid more than women, especially because women were better [that / at] their jobs. Dr Jha added: "We need to understand why these differences exist…and figure out how to [translate / translation] it to the wider population of physicians."

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