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An airport in Japan has taken toilet cleanliness to a [new / newly] level. A company has installed "toilet paper" for smartphones [on / in] the public lavatories at Tokyo's Narita International Airport. Passengers are [been / being] encouraged to use the [special / specially] wipes to disinfect their mobile devices. The cleansing [rolls / roles] are the idea of Japanese mobile giant NTT Docomo. It also [paid / paying] for the disinfectant dispensers to be put next to the [regulator / regular] toilet paper holder in 86 [cubicles / articles] in seven rest rooms at the airport. A company YouTube video informed us that toilet seats were [usual / usually] more hygienic than smartphones, saying: "There are more than five times the germs on a smartphone screen as [compared / comparison] to a toilet seat."

Japan is a world leader in toilet technology and [beasts / boasts] some of the most high-tech bathrooms [in / on] the world. Many Japanese homes have toilets that are [equipping / equipped] with [innovative / innovation] flushing, seat warming, and automated bidet functions. On some, the [slid / lid] automatically rises when you enter the toilet and [flushes / flushed] when you finish. There is also a gadget that produces loud [flashing / flushing] sounds if you want to hide [embarrassing / embarrass] "toilet noises". NTT Docomo has accompanied its smartphone wipes with a two-minute instructional video for tourists on how to use the sheets [correct / correctly] , and also on how to use the other features common in Japan's toilets. It said it wants to make sure, "foreign tourists could [enjoy / enjoyment] their travel hygienically".

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