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The words
New research says that language barriers are holding back science around the world. English is [wide / widely] accepted to be the language of science, but one-third [of / for] research is not [published / publishing] in English. This means a lot of important research is not [seeing / seen] or read by scientists and researchers. The research is from the University of Cambridge. Researchers said [importance / important] science is being [missed / missing] at the international [level / anvil] . They said science journals should publish [basic / basically] summaries of a study's [keys / key] findings in multiple languages. They also said universities around the world should translate their research into different languages, [special / especially] Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Many international companies are [known / now] asking all their staff to communicate only [on / in] English. They hope this will [reduce / reducing] language barriers. The German carmaker Volkswagen has just [announcement / announced] that English and not German is its official language. VW executives said the [switched / switch] to English was to attract employees. The Japanese carmaker Honda has also announced that [all / every] its staff must [use / useful] English by 2020. Researcher Tatsuya Amano said: "I [belief / believe] the scientific community needs to start seriously tackling this issue." He [using / used] the example that important research about avian flu in China initially went unnoticed by the World Health Organization because it was published [on / in] journals in Chinese.

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