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Doctors are now telling [us / them] what grandparents have known for [decades / decade] - don't stick anything smaller than your elbow [onto / into] your ears. An organization of ear [specialism / specialists] in the USA, the American Academy of Otolaryngology, has said cleaning your ears with cotton buds ([aha / aka] Q-tips) can cause [long-lasting / long-last] damage to your eardrums and hearing. Dr Jennifer Caudle told Yahoo Beauty that cotton buds seem [harmless / harmful] objects but can cause significant damage. She said: "I know people want to [stick / stuck] things in their ears and they think it’s the [right / rightly] thing to do, but cotton buds can cause holes in the eardrum, irritation in the canal, and can predispose you to [gotten / getting] infections."

The Academy has also recommended [what / that] people change their image of earwax and think of it as an [essentially / essential] substance to keep our ears healthy. Dr Seth Schwartz said: "There is an [inclination / incline] for people to want to clean [them / their] ears because they believe earwax is an indication of [cleanliness / uncleanliness] . This misinformation leads to unsafe ear health habits." Doctors say our body [produces / production] earwax for a [good / well] reason. It does an essential job of cleaning out the ears, stopping them from [dying / drying] out, and helping them to sweat naturally. It also protects the inner ears against bacteria, bugs, dirt and [dusty / dust] . Using cotton buds can push earwax further inside the ear and cause blockages, which can [undone / undo] all the good work of earwax.

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