Speed Reading — Chili Peppers - Level 4 — 200 wpm 

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There is good news for lovers of chili peppers – they can help you live longer. Researchers in the US found that capsaicin, an ingredient in red chili peppers, may boost the metabolism, strengthen the heart and help with blood pressure and obesity. People who regularly ate chili had a 13% lower risk of dying early. Researchers said hot red chili pepper was associated with reduced mortality and, "may be a beneficial component of the diet".

The researchers asked 16,179 adults about their health, lifestyle, income and diet. The researchers analysed the deaths in the 18 years after. Of the 4,946 participants who died, 21.6% regularly ate chili compared with 33.6% who did not. Britain's health service said people should not rely on one "superfood" like chili. It said: "Eat a balanced diet high in a variety of fruit and vegetables, limit salt, sugar and saturated fat, stay active [and] avoid smoking."

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