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The words
Ants are [some / many] of the most impressive creatures on this planet. There are so [many / much] things we do not know about them. Scientists have just discovered an [amazing / amazed] new fact about these tiny insects. It is about the [weigh / way] ants navigate – the way they get from A to B without getting [lost / losing] . An international group of scientists say ants can go in a straight line [long / along] a compass route, whatever direction they are facing. The BBC said it is the [similar / same] as, "trying to find your way home while walking backwards or [ever / even] spinning round and round". Scientists say ants do [these / this] by using the position of the Sun, their past memories, and what they can see around them. Professor Barbara Webb said ants get around [like / in] a self-driving car.

The scientists studied [desert / dessert] ants near Seville, Spain. They published their report in the [journal / journey] 'Current Biology'. They said: "Ants can navigate [under / over] long distances between their nest and food [sites / sights] using visual clues." They did this even when the scientists put obstacles in their way and when they had to [drug / drag] food while walking backwards. Professor Webb said: "Ants have a…tiny brain, [less / fewer] than [the /a] size of a pinhead. Yet they can navigate successfully under many difficult [conditions / condition] , including going backwards." She said we can learn many things [from / by] ants: "Understanding their behaviour gives us new insights into brain function and has inspired us to build robot systems that mimic [them / their] functions."

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