Gap Fill - Refugees - Level 1


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   ban      boss      boss      boycott      business      companies      hashtag      instead      more      negative      over      people      plans      supporters      unemployed      unhappy      veterans      war      who      years  
Starbucks has said it would employ 10,000 refugees the next five . The of the international chain is with President Donald Trump's on people from seven Muslim countries. The promised to welcome people escaping from , violence and discrimination. He said: "There are than 65 million…refugees, and we are developing to hire 10,000 of them…in the 75 countries around the world where Starbucks does ."

Many Trump are angry with Starbucks and want a of the coffee shops. They want Starbucks to help the war veterans in the USA of refugees. Starbucks has hired 8,800 since 2013. Mr Trump's supporters want people to boycott companies are about the President. Opponents of Mr. Trump started the #GrabYourWallet to get to avoid linked to Mr Trump.

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