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A new study suggests that [martial / marital] bliss has beneficial health effects. The research is from Carnegie Mellon University in the USA. It [concludes / conclusion] that being married reduces your levels of a stress [hormone / hormonal] called cortisol. Researchers tested for cortisol in the [salvia / saliva] of 572 adults aged 21-55 on three different, non-consecutive days. Multiple saliva samples were [taking / taken] throughout each 24-hour period. The researchers found that the married people in the sample had [less / fewer] cortisol than people who were single, [separation / separated] , divorced or widowed. The researchers said: "Married people [tend / fend] to be healthier than both the [previously / previous] and never married, but the mechanisms through which this occurs remain [nuclear / unclear] ."

The stress hormone cortisol has many different functions [in / on] our body. It regulates blood [sugary / sugar] levels, immune responses and inflammation and can increase the [risky / risk] of heart disease. It also increases the chances of [surviving / survival] cancer. High levels of cortisol have been [linking / linked] to mental conditions such as [anxiety / anxious] and depression. Laboratory Director Sheldon Cohen said: "These data provide important [sites / insights] into the way in which our [ultimate / intimate] social relationships can get under the skin to [influence / influential] our health." Researcher Brian Chin added: "It is exciting to discover a physiological [pathway / ropeway] that may explain how relationships influence health and disease."

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