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The [former / firmer] head of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has warned that the world could be [on / in] great danger from bio-terrorism. He said the world could [face / head] a catastrophe from a virus made by terrorists that could kill 30 million people in [less / fewer] than a year. Mr Gates, the richest person in the world, was speaking at the Munich Security Conference in Germany. He said there was a "[reasonably / reasonable]" chance that a bio-terrorist could [act / action] in the next 10 to 15 years. He added that world leaders are not [prepared / prepares] for such an attack. He expressed [his / this] surprise that very few leaders were even [awareness / aware] of it. He asked for global "health security" to become a [major / majority] part of government discussions and policies.

Mr Gates explained that: "The next [epidermis / epidemic] has a good chance of [originating / origins] on a computer screen." He said a genetically [engineering / engineered] virus was [easier / easily] to make and could kill more people than nuclear weapons, but no country on Earth is [ready / already] for this threat. He asked governments, "to prepare for these epidemics in the same way we [prepare / preparation] for war". Gates asked governments to start "germ games" activities to prepare for a bio-terrorist attack, [such / like] many countries engage in war games. He said we needed better monitoring [for / to] spot outbreaks early, and systems to quickly develop vaccines – [within / with] weeks rather than years. "We need [anew / a new] arsenal of weapons, anti-viral drugs, antibodies, vaccines and new diagnostics," he said.

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