Gap Fill - Zero Waste - Level 0


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   and      bit      bottle      containers      economy      glue      important      jar      litres      new      part      problems      richer      this      toothpaste      tube      waste      water      wheel      you  
Is getting ketchup out the difficult? Does the last of stay in the ? Does jam stick to the side of the ? There is now an answer to these . Scientists made a very slippery surface for bottles, tubes and jars. Things like , paint and cosmetics slide out like . This will make a little .

Scientists from LiquiGlide made the surface to cut and save money. Millions of of ketchup, sauces, paint, gels creams stay in . They are thrown away. The surface will cut waste. It is of the zero-waste . LiquiGlide said the surface is and helpful, like the .

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