Speed Reading — Zero Waste - Level 2 — 100 wpm 

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Has getting ketchup out the bottle made you angry? Have you ever squeezed the toothpaste tube hard to get the last bit out? Have you spent too long getting jam out of the jar? You may be happy to know there is an answer to these problems. Scientists have made a very slippery surface to put inside bottles, tubes, jars and tins, etc. Things like glue, paint and cosmetics will slide out of the container like water. The container will be empty and you will be richer.

Scientists from the company LiquiGlide made the surface to cut waste and save money. Millions of litres of ketchup, sauces, paint, gels and creams stick to the sides of containers and are thrown away. The new surface can greatly reduce waste and be a big part of the zero-waste economy. LiquiGlide said the surface changes the way liquids move, like the wheel changed transport. It wants to "revolutionize packaging," reduce waste, and improve the world.

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